Mobile Development

Not all apps are created equal

Often customers will have more interaction with your company through your App than by any other gateway or portal so it is vital to create an exceptional experience that delivers results from the start.

Through our multi-platform and integration capabilities we are able make sure our customers Apps don’t just remain a dream but are brought to life.

While innovation and technology are the corner stone of how we approach any app development, at Lion Software we also pay close attention in making sure our clients not only stand out from their competitors but that they effectively communicate what makes them special and different within their industry.

Life as we know it


Stuck in traffic?

 No power?

Deciding what to wear?

Wonder how many calories you’ve consumed?

Or what the pace of your 5km run was?

Of course, you’d do what millions of people do every day, 

grab your phone and find an app to answer to your question 

which is why businesses are creating billions of Apps every day.

·+/- 22 million South Africans use a smartphone – almost one third of the population

·This figure is said to grow by more than 5 million through to 2023

·Revenue in the Apps segment is projected to reach US$51m in 2021.

·Smartphone users check theirphones 150 times a day

·There are currently 18.43 million ecommerce users in South Africa,

 with an additional 6.36 million users expected to be shopping online by 2021.

·Four years from now, these 24.79 million ecommerce users will spend an average of 189.47 USD online

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